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We Came, We Saw, We Conquered. 

We came into existence coz' we realized there is a dire need for some craziness in this world! We are true believers of the fact that everyone deserves to wear their craziness & awesomeness on their sleeves, literally & figuratively. 

We saw that the world of customized merchandising and corporate gifting needed a slight 'Tadka'! 

And 'Tadka' is exactly what we brought. We thrive on hearing what our clients need and then make the most out of every opinion & suggestion. Our number one aim has always been to present the awesomest & the most creative designs to all our clients. Whether it's designing a quirky magnet or a kickass signage, we make sure it has 110% (No our Maths ain't bad, it's just that we love to give our Best ;) ) craziness in it. 

Utpatang is a thought that can make anything uncommon. From an idea to a product, it brings in the craziness that could elevate the end result beyond your imagination. You won’t find the word ‘Utpatang’ in your dictionary. Its English counterparts could possibly be - crazy, weird, bizarre, unusual and something that’s uncommon. 

Find out more about Utpatang & on how we plan to conquer the customized gifting world below. 

Like the dialogue that Selina Kyle says to Bruce Wayne in 'The Dark Knight Rises' ... 

"A Storm is Coming." ;) 


Spread the word. Be here. Do the Thing. 

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